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The era of accelerating change we are now witnessing, has exposed our world to a greater challenge of accomplishing more with our time. In an attempt to get more done, we must keep pace with this incessant change and continue to widen our intellectual horizon by acquiring professional management, technical and research skills. Therefore, we as the developing nation stand in need of an environment that promotes education and training required for high-demand careers. I am honored to be the CEO of The Indus Medical College (IMC), Tando Muhammad Khan which is committed to ensure excellence in all its educational programs coupled with dynamic and comprehensive academic distinction, whereby, making the learning experience of its MBBS, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Bio Technology and Management students richer, challenging, germane, and stimulating. The students at IMC benefit from state-of- the art facilities and resources, including innovative and student-centered curriculum allowing for the early development of professional skills and behaviors promoting collaborative learning, critical thinking and reflection-skills essential for a brilliant career. DR. MUHAMMAD IQBAL MEMON CHIEF EXECUTIVE INDUS MEDICAL COLLEGE Our faculty is eminently qualified, and committed to provide students with the essential academic professional, and personal skills required for competing in today's challenging employment environment. In addition to teaching and mentoring of students, our faculty members prove to be avid consumers as well as producers of research helping them stay current in their academic disciplines. IMC enriches the students' campus life by promoting co-curricular activities, clubs/societies and sports, helping students mold their lives to become well rounded people and learning the art of living and working together. IMC has grown to its current position as a provider of quality education through its commitment to excellence; we are resolute to continue growing from strength to strength and raising the bar for top-notch education. We invite you to be a part of an to gain practical knowledge in your targeted field, acquire skills, and to learn the art of community service. INDUS MEDICAL COLLEGE TANDO MUHAMMAD KHAN, SINDH, PAKISTAN PROSPECTUS 2022-23
Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Memon